Word 2010 VBA: Set Track Changes to their default settings

Sub Review_TrackChanges_Normal()
'This VBA script will set Word 2010 track-changes to the defaults

    With Options
        .InsertedTextMark = wdInsertedTextMarkUnderline
        .InsertedTextColor = wdBlue
        .DeletedTextMark = wdDeletedTextMarkStrikeThrough
        .DeletedTextColor = wdRed
        .RevisedPropertiesMark = wdRevisedPropertiesMarkNone
        .RevisedPropertiesColor = wdByAuthor
        .RevisedLinesMark = wdRevisedLinesMarkOutsideBorder
        .RevisedLinesColor = wdAuto
        .CommentsColor = wdByAuthor
        .RevisionsBalloonPrintOrientation = wdBalloonPrintOrientationPreserve
        .MoveFromTextMark = wdDeletedTextMarkStrikeThrough
        .MoveFromTextColor = wdGreen
        .MoveToTextMark = wdInsertedTextMarkUnderline
        .MoveToTextColor = wdGreen
        .InsertedCellColor = wdCellColorNoHighlight
        .MergedCellColor = wdCellColorLightYellow
        .DeletedCellColor = wdCellColorNoHighlight
        .SplitCellColor = wdCellColorLightOrange
    End With
    ActiveWindow.View.RevisionsMode = wdMixedRevisions
    With ActiveDocument
        .TrackMoves = True
        .TrackFormatting = False
    End With

End Sub



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