Another one bites the dust

Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision

Today we learned that Sony has sold off their PC business, although from the sounds of it (and certainly for anyone outside Japan) Vaio PCs are just history.  In my view this is a healthy development.  Too many airlines with too many seats meant that under anything other than ideal conditions an airline couldn’t sell a seat for enough money to make a profit.  So it was a race to the bottom in prices,  but also in service and customer-friendly policies.  And lots of trips to bankruptcy court.  It took industry consolidation, and discipline from the remaining players, to start that industry on a path back to health.  And it definitely is still a work in progress.  The PC industry has some of the same business dynamics, and I wish the comparisons ended there.

It’s too easy to get into the PC business and too hard to differentiate products within…

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