The practical impact of not upgrading older phones to Windows Phone 8

Too true, too true…

Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision

I’m going to leave all (well, most) of the emotion about the lack of upgrades for older phones to Windows Phone 8 on the side and just address the practical impact.  I’m not talking about the potential negative short-term impact on Windows Phone sales, but rather the practical impact on owners of Windows Phone 7.x devices.

Let’s start with enthusiasts, perhaps the audience that is most pissed off about the lack of a Windows Phone 8 upgrade for existing devices.  I put myself in this category, and once I calmed down (and I’ve had almost two months to do so since it became apparent there weren’t going to be upgrades for existing devices), I realized that Microsoft was probably making the right call in assuming enthusiasts would end up ok with their decision.  Why?  You’re telling me that you wouldn’t flush your new Lumia 900 down the toilet right now…

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